About Us

Bitlio is a digital currency exchange with a presence in almost 40 countries. We provide customers with an easy and affordable way to buy and sell bitcoin, to quickly exchange funds with family, friends or clients around the world, and to pay bills – all from one account.

Bitlio’s market-leading compliance process and strong emphasis on transparency and security make it one of the most trustworthy brands in the digital currency space.

Our vision is to bring the advantages of digital currency to people across the world.

Our Priorities
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Security and privacy are at the top of our list: 95% of the bitcoin we hold is stored in offline ‘cold storage’ vaults and we employ military grade encryption along with other cutting-edge technologies to protect your money.
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We always comply with legal requirements in the jurisdictions we work in, and follow financial-industry standard KYC and AML procedures.
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Our customers are very important to us – you are, after all, why we exist. If you have a question or problem at any time, open a support ticket or email us at [email protected]
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We employ a thorough user verification system that minimises fraud, protects customers and allows us to comply with regulations.
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With many local banking options and transaction fees starting from 0%, we keep costs as low as possible. We do not charge fees on deposits, and some services are absolutely free.
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We firmly believe in the benefits of digital currency technology for all, and are working to boost bitcoin adoption with our multi-service platform.
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